Professor Brian Oldfield 


Since his recruitment to Monash University 2005, Professor Oldfield has formed a team of Metabolic Neuroscientists focused on the way the brain controls both ends of the energy balance spectrum – on the one hand, its role in the control of food intake and on the other, the way it controls energy expended in metabolism. His group has widespread interests between these two poles of the energy balance equation ranging from the way reward pathways in the brain mediate the craving of highly palatable foods, through the brains involvement in the determination of the distribution of fat to the part played by the brain in anorexia nervosa. He has a major interest in understanding the mechanisms underling bariatric surgery and his group has established the first rodent model of the adjustable gastric band. This work is supported by commercial funding derived from the US based Pharmacuetical and Appliance Compnay, Allergan.


Current Projects


  •  Studies of the parts of the brain coding for motivation to eat including analysis of the integration of homeostatic, reward and cognitive components of eating


  • Studies of the mechanisms underlying the effectiveness of bariatric surgery using a rodent model of the adjustable gastric band


  •  Studies of cannabinoid receptor antagonists and their role as anti obesity therapies individually and in combination with other drugs


  •  Studies of antipsychotic drug (olanzapine) induced weight gain and type 2 diabetes


  •  Studies of the involvement of the brain in the differential lipolysis of abdominal and subcutaneous fat


  • Studies of an activity based rat model of anorexia nervosa and the potential to reverse weight loss by pharmacological intervention in the brain


  • Studies of opiates in reward based pathways of the brain involved in hedonistic aspects of eating


Recent Key Publications


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