Professor Emilio Badoer



Professor Badoer leads a team of dedicated researchers that form the Neuropharmacology and Neuroinflammatory Research Group at RMIT Bunboora. He is a core member and project leader in the Health Innovations Research Institute. He is also a research scientist representative on the University Animal Ethics Committee. The research interests of the group are the central nervous system and clinically relevant diseases/conditions like heart failure, obesity, diabetes and pain. His team is multi-skilled, with expertise in neuroscience, electrophysiology, pharmacology and integrative physiology. Professor Badoer has considerable teaching and administrative duties within the School of Medical Sciences and RMIT University. He is currently a member of the RMIT University Academic Board. He is also Treasurer of the Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacolocgists and Toxicologists (ASCEPT).


Professor Badoer is an active, passionate and productive research leader. He is the head and leader of the Neuropharmacology and Neuroinflammatory Laboratory. The laboratory consists of Post-Doctoral Fellows, PhD students and Honours students. Research assistants and international Postdoctoral Fellows have also contributed. The group has received national and international recognition, for the work that has highlighted the role of specific subgroups in the brain and the role of the brain in the symptoms of chronic diseases/conditions. The group has a number of successful collaborative projects with scientists both within and outside RMIT.

Professor Badoer’s laboratory has had grant and award successes that have included national competitive grants (including National Health and Medical Research Council, National Heart Foundation, Ramaciotti Foundation, Diabetes Research Trust and Buckland Foundation) and international competitive grants and awards (including Wellcome, and von Humboldt). Dr Badoer also holds Adjunct appointments in prestigious Research Institutes and other Universities. His laboratory is currently funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia.




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